Mike's Story

Mike Dominey is among Edmonton's most talented singer/songwriter, musician/performers. He simply must be heard to be believed. No matter if it is an audience of one or one thousand he manages to create an atmosphere of fun and acceptance every time he hits the stage. His drive and passion is second to none... you cannot help but be inspired when you hear him.

Career highlights:

"Fulltime music career has hit a chord with Mike Dominey"

Releasing his first full length debut album "Enjoy The Ride" April 1st 2020.

Mike received 2 Edmonton Music Award nominations in 2018. Male artist of the year, and peoples choice.

2018 Edmonton Music Awards Nominees

-A top 3 winner in the 2016 Yamaha/Socan National Song Writing Contest winning a prize pack worth over $5000.
-Recorded and released a new EP in 2017 with renowned producer Stew Kirkwood of Sound Extractor – Check out hit song “While You’re Here”
-Mike has dedicated his entire life to music, making the decision 5 years ago to pursue it full time. 
-This includes playing over 150 shows per year performing at various venues including casinos, bars/pubs, weddings, corporate/charity events...
-Mike was invited out to the Mix 107.9 FM studio several times this year as a guest on their morning show to talk about all things music and has also been on regular rotation on their station.
-Mike was also invited to play on Shaw Television on a segment called Edmonton Unplugged in 2017.
-This past summer, he was asked to entertain the folks at “Sofar Sounds”  for an intimate performance at 2 secret venues. 
-Mike was also nominated last April for an Edmonton Music award 2017.
-Mike has a genuine passion in building the Edmonton music scene through supporting and collaborating with other artists in his community.

Music is Mike Dominey’s life. It is why he gets up in the morning, why he breathes air, why he smiles every day, and why he continues to entertain people daily despite the struggle it can be to dedicate your life to the music community.

Originally from the small town of Stephenville, NL, Mike Dominey is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer living and performing in the greater Edmonton area. He has a talent for melody and harmony, and a knack for rhythm and arrangement that some have dubbed a “Midas Touch" for the contributions he makes to projects he’s involved in.

But life as a musician didn’t begin gracefully for Dominey. He got his first acoustic guitar at age 15 and became a passionate self taught guitar player, he’s always been able to pick things up very quickly. Playing in teenage band after teenage band, he realized early enough his passion for music wasn’t shared by many and in 1998, he moved to Whistler, BC to pursue another passion, snowboarding. However, music couldn’t be denied, and within 3 years Dominey invested in his first 8 track recorder. It was here he wrote his first song, ‘Not The End’ as an experiment in melody and composition and the writing flood gates opened. 
In 2006, having relocated back to Stephenville, NL, Dominey formed Edwards Lane, a rock/pop project, with a few friends. Shortly after playing a few shows in their hometown, the band moved to Ft McMurray for work and became regulars on the local scene. While part of Edwards Lane, they took advantage of opportunities to share the stage with the likes of Hedley and Brian Byrne of I Mother Earth. The band was also featured and “in rotation” on KAOS 91.1 Ft McMurray (CKOS 91.1 FM). 
After his song “Strain” was included on the 272 Records compilation Riot on Sunset vol.13, Dominey was featured heavily on the former GarageBand.com where he drew accolades such as Best Male Vocal, Best Guitars, Best Mood, Best Melody, Best Lyrics, and so on. Still in Ft McMurray, his songs would win first place/prize 5 years in a row (2007-2011) in the Ft McMurray Annual Songwriting Competition. He's also worked with Jessica Lana McLean on her Christmas single “My Christmas” digitally released in 2011.  
In 2011, Dominey made the move to the greater Edmonton area to finally start pursuing music as a career. The summer of 2011 saw him finish 3rd in the local Edmonton Undiscovered singing competition behind Jordan Buhat (who would go on to Canada’s Got Talent) and former YTV Next Star finalist, Madi Amyotte. 
As a humble, hard working, gifted musician, he is starting to receive recognition. Called a “...talented singer/songwriter...” by previous Sonic 1029 (CHDI 102.9FM Edmonton) music director Adam Thompson, who went on to say “...he’s only going to get stronger...,” While currently gigging full time, Mike has become a seasoned entertainer, actively performing across alberta. He has been in rotation at over 2 dozen local venues as well, such as... MKT, sherlock holmes, O'Byrnes, Mercer Tavern, The Pint, etc... Mike puts his whole heart into every performance, and the energy it creates becomes very contagious amongst the people that are present. You can also clearly feel that energy in his songwriting. Dominey appears certain to have a future in music. His passion and dedication to make his life what he loves is a powerful recipe for success, one he doesn’t take for granted. “Music, to me is an incredibly powerful, universal language that we can share with each other, and I can feel nothing but gratitude for this privilege and opportunity every single day." For Mike Dominey, not giving up on his dreams is the only thing he knows.

Music... i'm much more me when i'm with you.”